A quick look at IA Writer Pro

Writer Pro took the web by storm the last few days. One thing that bothered me was how "reviews" I was reading from people that A) had never used it, and B) weren’t writers.

This isn’t to say you absolutely have to be a writer to use Writer Pro but from the videos it sure seems as though they are the intended customer.

It was refreshing to find David Hewston’s quick review of Writer Pro. Not only had he used the previous version (called IA Writer), but he had purchased this latest version, and also is a professional writer.

I don’t want to sound too negative here. I’ve only spent an hour or so with WP, though it is such a minimalist app you really don’t need much more than that to understand what’s going on. That’s still enough to tell me this is not a product for my kind of work.

Also, he wears a nice watch.

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