Paprika, recipe manager for iOS and Mac

Shawn Blanc’s The Sweet Setup continues to prove its worth. This time Steven Owens sticks his neck out to say that Paprika is simply the best recipe manager for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

To put it simply, Paprika provides all the features you need to be an organized and effective home cook. Paprika also works great for casual cooks who just want to store all their recipes on their iOS device (and/or Mac).

I tried to convince Eliza to buy it last night. She wasn’t quite convinced. I plan on pushing her over-the-edge by offering to cook a meal if we get it. That outta do it.

Speaking of The Sweet Setup being valuable… in order to support the site I’m going to retweet any of their sponsored tweets. Like this one. Perhaps you could do the same.

/via The Sweet Setup’s Weekly Review from December 6.