The Brilliant Hack That Brought Foursquare Back From the Dead

Ryan Tate, for Wired's piece on Foursquare:

Whether the new Foursquare is as useful to the general public as it has been for its initial testers remains to be seen. But in the wake of last week’s launch, Crowley is still aiming for his magic number: 100 million users.

Kyle Ruane and I were talking about this while we ordered our lunch today; Foursquare has been changing a lot lately. They've redesigned the apps several times over the last year, added more data points by way of pop ups, and there are new "deals" in the application all the time.

This is good. It means they are trying new things. I like to see them trying new stuff and doing different things than Facebook or Twitter are doing.

This past weekend while my wife, my friends and I were bopping around the Finger Lakes enjoying some wine tasting I was - as I typically do - checking into each winery as I went. I do this for my own personal data reasons but at one or two of the stops along the line Foursquare told me some really useful information. It also saved me a few dollars. I've never cared about the gaming aspects of Foursquare but if it can continue to add value to my use of the app, in a way that doesn't annoy me, they are going to crawl right out of the slump they've found themselves in and jump right to the front of the geolocation pack.