Chris Gonzales, On Working from Home

Chris Gonzales answers Shawn Blanc’s question about working remotely on Twitter in longform on his blog. I’m glad he did.

The funny thing I’ve noticed is that it seems like each pro is also its own con.

I worked at home, both remotely and for myself, for about 10 years of my career. Gonzales hits it right on. The pros are the cons. Being around your family; both good and bad. Setting your own schedule; both good and bad. And being away from people; both good and bad.

The best of both worlds, perhaps, would be having the option of where to work. Right now our office is about a 10-minute drive from our home. 90% of the time I work in the office (and we try to keep library rules between 10am-2pm which keeps it bearable). But every now and then I work from home or from a cafe. Having the option has been absolutely wonderful.