I'm always on the lookout for new ways to deal with my ever-growing library of photos.

It used to be that every time I upgraded my camera I had to worry about losing more and more space with each photo I captured. Each update to my camera created larger and larger filesizes making it very difficult for my computer to store and serve my entire library. This is still a problem today, actually.

But now the vast majority of the photos that I take are with my iPhone. So now it isn't really about the size of each photo but rather the sheer number of photos I have to deal with. I haven't really done the math but I wouldn't be surprised if I took 1,000 new photos every two or three months.

Everpix, which I heard about through Daring Fireball, seems like it might be "the Dropbox for photos". A small utility is downloaded to your computer and automatically backs up your photos to Everpix.

I have the distinct feeling that Dropbox will, in the very short term, be offering a much more complete photo library option (given their recent acquisitions and hires) but I'm going to give Everpix a spin over the next few weeks to see if it can be a viable solution to the ever-growing photo library problem nearly everyone must be facing.