I'm doing terribly. A follow-up to my post on being less distracted by online services.

Two months ago to-the-day I wrote about turning off Push Notifications on my phone, tablet and laptop. In this area I'm still doing really, really well. I recommend this for anyone. I still do not have any applications that send me any notifications. Only if my wife calls me does my phone even ring. And when not in silent mode the only noise my phone will make is when my wife sends me a message.

No apps or games or social sites can notify me on my computer, tablet or phone. I love it.

However, in my post two months ago I said I wanted to see if I could keep Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other services closed to cut down on distraction throughout the day. On this front I'm doing terribly. I always have Tweetbot open, I check Instagram too often, and I need to stop.

I've been fairly productive over the last two months, though, as we're pushing our largest update to the Barley platform and site very soon - but I have found myself jumping back and forth between tasks, links from friends, photos from family, and much more. I would like to cut down on the number of actual times I open Tweetbot, Instagram or Facebook. I really have very little reason to open any of those more than two or three times per day.

So, starting tomorrow I'm going to check the following services the following numbers of times:

  • Instagram: Twice. Once in the morning, once at night.