Slow down. Read.

Late last week we started looking to fill two positions at Plain and wrote a blog post explaining what we were looking for, who would be eligible, and how to apply.

We've gotten some great responses so far from people all over the world; Europe, South America, and the rural US. It's great. Exactly what we were hoping for.

But we also received a ton of questions through Twitter and email that disappointed me personally. People asking "How do I apply?" or "Can we work remote?" or "Is the job full time or part time?" etc. 

We took our time writing the post to include most of the information someone would need to know before applying. But some people responded so quickly that they couldn't have possibly read the entire post. They couldn't have taken a moment to look at Barley, or our company web site, or go through each of our team's Twitter and LinkedIn profiles to see the type of people we were or whether or not they'd like to work with us.

Why the rush? Being first won't get you a position. Being thoughtful will. Slow down. Read.