WordPress turns 10

I remember the first time I ran WordPress on my local computer. It was amazing. Within a few moments I was up and running with just a bit of PHP that could power hundreds of blog posts.

Before I was using b2 (the name WordPress sort of had before that project became WordPress) I was copying and pasting HTML blocks to simulate what is called blogging today. Then I got frustrated and wrote a quick ASP script to loop through HTML elements. It was terrible. But I thought I was the best programmer on the planet. Then along came WordPress and the entire world seemed to be so full of possibilities. I could use WordPress for blogs, photo galleries, stores, anything, everything. WordPress was the Swiss Army knife of CMSes for the last decade.

After using WordPress for tons of blogs I helped build 9rules using WordPress. They even featured us  Then I helped Viddler build ontop of WordPress’ structure. I also helped Om Malik with GigaOm, and AWN with tens-of-thousands of WordPress-powered blogs using WordPress MU. I’ve attended WordCamps all over the world including Hawaii, San Francisco, and Scranton and you see the same thing at every single one; a community all willing to help one another.

WordPress has and will continue to push publishing on the web forward.

Thanks Matt.
Thanks to the entire community.
Thank you for WordPress.

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