Jason Schuller sees it too

Jason Schuller on Promising Solutions for Simple Websites and Blogs about our just-launched first product Barley:

Barley is already beautifully branded and is dubbing itself as a “this-generation content editor” which I have actually bought into just from the teaser. From what I’ve read, it will be a hosted solution geared toward non-technical people (in other words, an actual human-usable website solution).

Schuller is hacking away on Leeflets  which appears to have a similar goal as Barley. As I said in my piece about Medium and Barley being "just the beginning"

You will begin to see more and more platforms and systems like Barley and Medium begin to remove the need for complex admins and knowledge of HTML or CSS. These platforms will be the future of publishing on the web from computers and mobile devices. Barley will only be one of many of these platforms and we're excited to see this change on the web as it grows and slowly cuts off the circulation of the older, mundane, and difficult-to-use CMSs we see today.

I think Jason Schuller sees it too.