Gary Vaynerchuk’s 19 people you should follow on Twitter list

My good friend Gary Vaynerchuk chose your’s truly as #4 of 19 people he thinks should be followed on Twitter. He says of me: 

his new project is something that I think has the real chance of blowing up in 2014. Keep an eye on him. I think he’s a great follow and someone who’s always been quite smart as a product guy

I was very humbled to be part of this list he put together. I hope he’s right about Barley (which is powering this very site by the way). He broke the list into two parts: Part one and Part two and put them on LinkedIn. In addition to me he suggested following: 

  1. Ryan Harwood – CEO of
  2. Ryan Graves – Head of Operations at Uber
  3. Danny Trinh – Designer
  4. Ingrid Sanders – CEO of
  5. Sam Rosen – Entrepreneur in Residents GPR Partners
  6. Dan Shipper – A Junior in College
  7. Hendrik Werdelin – Partner @Prehype
  8. Erik F. Kastner – Lead Architect, Kickstarter
  9. Kevin Colleran – Employee #7 at Facebook
  10. Matt Mazzeo – VC at lowercase capital
  11. Matt Van Horn – Ex-Digger, now at Path
  12. Chris Hutchens – Partner at Google Ventures
  13. Milana Rabkin – Agent at UTA
  14. Trevor Ownens – Hustler baby
  15. Mike Boyd – HipHotAtLunch
  16. Greg Shove – CEO of SocialChorus
  17. Michael Schneider – CEO of Mobile Rodie
  18. Aaron Dignan – CEO of Undercurrent
I’m sure this list wasn’t easy to comprise but it is a great list.