An interview with Quentin Tarantino in the NY Times

I enjoyed this interview of Quentin Tarantino in the NY Times. Especially this bit on Page 5:

I remember reading a review that Pauline Kael wrote about some director’s big epic, and she said: Now, look, it might seem unfair to judge a talented man more harshly when he tries to do something big than a less talented person who’s doing something easier. But when you try big things, you take big risks, and if you’re trying to do something that is maybe above you and you can’t quite pull off, then whereas before we only saw your gifts, now we see your failings.

I’ve always been pushing that envelope. I want to risk hitting my head on the ceiling of my talent. I want to really test it out and say: O.K., you’re not that good. You just reached the level here. I don’t ever want to fail, but I want to risk failure every time out of the gate.

I like to think that I feel the same way. If you go big you will sometimes fail but go big or go home.

/via Michael Heilemann on Twitter.