Travel Channel makes fake commercial using Bourdain footage and audio

Anthony Bourdain, who has it in his contract with Travel Channel that he must explicitly approve all uses of his name/face, etc:

So it came as a shock and a disappointment to turn on the TV for the last two episodes of my show, and see that someone had taken footage that me and my creative team  had shot for my show, cut it up and edited it together with scenes of a new Cadillac driving through the forest. Scenes of me, my face, and with my voice, were edited in such a way as to suggest that I might be driving that Cadillac. That, at least, I was very likely IN that Cadillac—and that if nothing else, I sure as shit was endorsing Cadillac as the vehicle of choice for my show. All this following seamlessly from the actual show so you were halfway through the damn thing before you even realized it was a commercial.

As Tony points out, this stinks that he, his team, and Travel Channel couldn't just ride off into the sunset together on a high note. After working with them for years with little problem it is only when they are parting ways that something has to come between them. It is a shame.