Paul Haddad on Twitter's limitations

Paul Haddad about the new user token limit for third-party clients on Twitter:

"For iOS, there’s no danger of hitting that anytime soon,” he said “For Mac, it’s really hard to tell. It’s definitely a lower limit, but then there’s going to be fewer users as well. We’ve never really been keeping track of user tokens before this, so we know how many we had as part of the beta test, but we don’t know how many of those are going to buy the app, and we don’t know how many new users are going to buy the app. We’re a bit concerned but there’s not really much we can do about it at this point."

Essentially, no matter how awesome Tweetbot for Mac is and no matter how many people love it even more than they like the official Twitter applications Tapbots has a ceiling on how successful Tweetbot for Mac can be because Twitter has changed their policies.

With Netbot's debut I'm betting that Tapbots is hedging their bets. They are keeping a foot in the Twitter door (because surely they can bank at least a half-million dollars in revenue at the very least with Tweetbot for Mac) while simultaneously keeping their options and focus open to other services to support.