My guesses about iPhone 5. How did I do?

In September 2011 I jotted down a few guesses about what an iPhone 5 could be. What we ended up with was the iPhone 4s being announced. Well, I thought I’d look back at this list and see where my thoughts stack up now that we actually have the iPhone 5. How did I do?

The camera lens will be on the opposite side of the Apple logo.


The antenna will no longer be built into the case.

What I meant, more specifically, was that it wouldn’t be built into the outer edge like the iPhone 4 was. Wrong-ish. It still allows cell signal out through this way but also can go out through the new back.

The phone will be lighter and have no glass back.

Right! Even the fact that they’d bring back a metal back!

The speaker phone will be better.

Right! The audio on the iPhone 5 is very loud when compared to the iPhone 4.

The build of the home button will be better.

Wrong. It feels exactly the same.

Every iPhone 5 will support most of the world’s carriers.

Wrong. You still have to buy the iPhone for your carrier. Though they did manage to jam a ton of antennas into the iPhone 5 it definitely matters which one you buy for which carrier, still.

The camera will be better quality both in megapixels and focal length.

Right! In fact, on the money. It is better in every way possible.

Again, the mic will be better, but I think it will be to handle voice commands.

Right! The mic is much, much better. Siri came with the iPhone 4s. But it has reached maturity with the iPhone 5. Siri works great and does a vast number of tasks. The list shows about 20 different things she can do but when you click on them, the breakdown shows you even more. Hundreds of commands are possible now with Siri on iPhone 5 and iOS 6.

It was a stretch to apply this list to the iPhone 5 but hey, it is my site and I can stretch if I want to! Overall, I didn’t do too bad. It is good to guess and good to see what we actually get and what we’re happy with.

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