James Duncan Davidson on Maps in iOS 6

Speaking of Duncan… James Duncan Davidson on Maps in iOS 6:

I might be in the minority here given the raised pitchforks in many quarters, but I like the new maps in iOS 6. Yes, a lot of people are running into holes in the data set. Others are finding that the queries that they used to use that got them what they wanted no longer work, necessitating coming up with some other query. Both of theseare sucky pain points and it’s going to take a lot of work by Apple and its partners to play the catch up game with Google, the current gold standard.

I’m with him. After a weekend of using Maps on the iPhone 5 I’ve had nothing but a fantastic experience. In fact, Siri (or Maps) even told me where to park in a mall parking lot so that I was as close to my destination as possible. I realize there is a ton of catch up to be done but that only seems reasonable given how new service this really is for Apple. Patience.