Brandice on the iPhone 5

You'll have to forgive me for wanting to quote Brandice's entire post about the iPhone 5 since I totally agree with everything she says but I'll do my best to take out a few key snippets:

I read comments online about how it’s so light it almost feels too insubstantial or breakable. I think it might be a lot lighter than the 4s, which is heavier than the 4. To me (who has only owned a 4, no 4s), it’s definitely lighter but doesn’t feel THAT light. Still feels substantial and solid to me.

Agreed. It is light. Very light. But it isn't so light that it feels any less well-built than the iPhone 4 (which feels like a brick in both weight and sturdiness). The iPhone 5 is a solid piece of engineering.

The panoramic photo feature is pretty badass, even if I rarely take panoramic photos. Kind of seems like magic, no stitching/processing time or anything.

The fact that the panorama feature on the iPhone 5 has zero processing time is what really struck me on my first use of it. I've used a fair number of panorama applications (though I seldom shoot panoramas in practice) and they've all had rather long wait times. Apple's new feature has none. How?

So many people don’t like the Maps app, but I think it’s pretty snazzy and the turn by turn directions worked really well for me earlier today.

As you already know, I agree.

I might be getting too old for this waiting in line at obscene hours for new toys stuff. I was practically in a coma by the time I got home and set the phone up. Must get my preordering done more quickly next time!

Try pre-ordering next time Brandice. Same wake up time but you're asleep about 15 minutes later. And you'll get your phone only a few hours later than store-liners delivered directly to your doorstep while you're still wearing your pajamas and drinking your coffee.

Go read the rest of her post.