Notes on iOS 6 for iPhone 4 and iPad 2

In case you don’t follow me on Twitter; (really, how can you live with yourself?) earlier today I tweeted a few notes about iOS 6 on my iPhone 4 and iPad 2. I’ve taken those tweets and put them below.

  • iOS 6 note: The new Maps application is pretty fast even on the iPhone 4.
  • iOS 6 note: Clicking “App Store” in Passbook lead to a blank screen for me.
  • iOS 6 note: Love love love the new Phone features. Being able to reply with an SMS with two taps is awesome.
  • iOS 6 note: Change your “Reply with message” messages in Settings > Phone > Reply with Message. Just customized all three.
  • iOS 6 note: The new App Store layouts are such a welcomed change. Screenshots of app are readily available now.
  • iOS 6: Don’t forget to download the new YouTube app. Because the old one from Apple is gonzo.
  • iOS 6 note: The new YouTube app forces landscape video viewing. All is right in the world.
  • iOS 6 note: How to preview a song in the iTunes Music Store is still not apparent. You have to click the number. I never understood that.
  • iOS 6 note: Song previews continue to play while your browsing around. Makes for a much less jerky experience.
  • iOS 6 note: Six versions too late, but… you can now attach a photo/video to a Mail message after you’ve begun writing. Huzzah!
  • iOS 6 note: Shared Photo Streams appears to be dead simple. Looking forward to using this on vacations with friends.
  • iOS 6 note: With Passbook I suddenly have the urge to go to a movie or book a flight to try it out.
  • iOS 6 note: Unsurprisingly iOS 6 does not make my iPhone 4’s screen any taller. I guess I have to wait a few days for that.
  • iOS 6 note: The new “share screen” is also available from any Messages attachments. It used to just be “Save image…”
  • iOS 6 note: iOS 6 on an iPhone 4 runs faster than its predecessor. Even camera readiness from Lock Screen is quicker.
  • iOS 6 note: No matter how loud I yell at my iPhone 4 Siri refuses to listen.
  • iOS 6 note: You “agree to terms” at least 3 times. In iTunes before the download and on first run and a confirmation button. I AGREE APPLE.
  • iOS 6 on iPad 2 note: The clock app is droooool worthy. Wow.
  • iOS 6 on iPad 2 note: Mail is much, much faster. It checks and downloads new email instantaneously.
  • iOS 6 on iPad 2 note: Since the built-in YouTube app is gone. And Google’s isn’t iPad-ready. There is no good YouTube app for iPad.
  • iOS 6 note: To use iCloud tabs you must turn on Safari in Settings > iCloud. And also use Safari on your Mac/PC.
  • iOS 6 note: iCloud tabs works even if Safari is closed on your Mac. It remembers the last opened tab.
  • iOS 6 on iPad 2 note: 3D maps work. And they are amazing.
  • iOS 6 on iPad 2 note: I’ve never seen New York City like this. It is surreal.
  • iOS 6 note: The Yelp integration in Maps is really awesome.
  • iOS 6 note: Something new to me, Street View is gone. 3D maps are good. But Street View will be missed.
  • iOS 6 note: Apple uses the term “200 new features” fairly loosely but this is an excellent upgrade. Recommended for all.
  • iOS 6 note: The Pull-to-refresh animation is way too fun.

As of this writing – 5:45pm – Passbook still doesn’t work yet.