Missing iOS 6 features for some devices

Dan Frakes and Serenity Caldwell at Macworld give a run-through of iOS 6 installation and what this latest release means for each device. Some features won’t be available to all iOS 6 devices. Naturally. Here is one example, though, that I lament.

Flyover and turn-by-turn navigation features of the new Maps app are available on only the iPhone 4S or later, fifth-generation iPod touch, and the iPad 2 or later

Flyovers are one thing, but not getting turn-by-turn navigation if you own an iPhone 4 is downright painful. I’m glad to be getting an iPhone 5 so that I’ll be able to use all of the new features in but as an iPhone 4 user for a few iOS updates I have to say that this sort of thing hurts. Understandably, graphics and CPU intensive features can not run well on older devices but Apple’s propensity for cutting older iOS devices short – given how quickly they release new hardware – is disappointing. Many applications available to the iPhone 4 have turn-by-turn navigation. Most terrible Android-powered phones have turn-by-turn navigation. The millions of people out there with an iPhone 4 should get it too.

I think this trend shows how new and fast moving this post-PC era really is. Updates are coming quickly to both the software and hardware of this new era. Leaving those of us that buy into it spinning with how fast it is moving when compared to the old, cludgie, and far less attractive PC market.

/via John “I took a photo of Han Solo with an iPhone 5 before everyone else did” Gruber.