Using Dropbox as a photo management app

This is intriguing. Stephen Hacket took a que from Frederico Viticci on ditching iPhoto/Aperture and just using directories stored on Dropbox as a way to manage photos.

After reading it, I started to think about why I continue to suffer with use Aperture. I rarely use it edit my photos, and really prefer it over iPhoto just for the organization in to projects.

Suffer is exactly the right word. Using my Macbook Pro without an SSD with Aperture is really an exercise in frustration. Even if I create brand new libraries for each month of photos that I take it is still entirely too slow to be useful. Closing Aperture takes about 8 minutes. And I'm with Hackett. I only use Aperature to easily manage/find photos later on. But clearly it isn't working for me.

In fact, iPhoto and Aperture have the opposite effect on me. Rather than making it easier to manage and edit photos it is actually much, much harder. So much harder that I've taken less and less photos with my DSLR over the last few years. In spite of really wanting to take more and more.

I'm going to do a little more research into the method that these two have laid out but I'm going to consider ditching photo manager applications for a straight directory structure.

/via Stephen Hackett.