Is Launch Center Pro what the iOS home screen could be?

Shawn Blanc:

If Apple had reimagined the iOS Home screen last week I expect it would have had much in common with the way Launch Center Pro works.

He might be right. I bought Launch Center Pro yesterday and within minutes it made its way onto my iPhone’s Dock. A coveted set of pixels by all applications. I really love this application. Great idea, well executed.

I already have shortcuts to send my wife a text message, open Instagram directly into snapping a photo, and creating a new note in Simplenote. It is already saving me enough time to justify the few dollars it costs.

I do wonder about its longevity though. When/if Siri gets a serious API that third-party developers can take advantage of will this application quickly become not as useful? I suppose, though, there will always be times when you need to do things on your phone when you can’t or do not feel like speaking.