Is Surface Microsoft's next chapter?

Yesterday I wrote:

I think Microsoft should focus and invest in making this their flagship product...

Joshua Topolsky of The Verge on Microsoft's "shift" with the Surface:

That's a big shift, and it's an important one. The announcement of the Surface shows that Microsoft is ready to make a break with its history — a history of hardware partnerships which relied on companies like Dell, HP, or Acer to actually bring its products to market.

I'm really hopeful that Surface is a true competitor to the iPad. Competition is good for everyone - especially the consumer. The 45-minute keynote - although very distilled and way, way too over-rehearsed - really did give you a good demonstration that Surface could actually be quite good. Quite valuable. And extremelyversatile. Yes, perhaps even moreversatilethan the iPad.

And, yes, Microsoft could be going solely after the Enterprise market - the business class - with Surface. Though in the keynote Ballmer did repeat, a few times, that people like "to consume", "to play", with devices like this.

But, as my friend Om Malik reminded me on Instagram, we haven't yet used the Surface. No one really has. Microsoft has come out and made a magnificient demonstration of a product that they have no idea how much to charge for, have little idea of when it will be available, and will not allow anyone to touch. I, forever being an optimist, have to keep something in perspective - This is Microsoft. This is Microsoft. This is Microsoft.