Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface, a name that was reserved for Microsoft's table-sized device not that long ago, is now a tablet device that runs Windows 8 and comes with an ultra-thin keyboard.

Actual judgements about the hardware aside (since, unsurprisingly, these aren't yet on the market) this looks like the best work to come out of Microsoft since the Xbox 360. This isn't me grading on a curve either. I'm not giving them extra points for finally making something that looks like it could be good. I'm saying that this device actually looks like it could be a great, viable, product line and could bring Microsoft up-to-speed on many many fronts.

I think Microsoft should focus and invest in making this their flagship product and, instead of saying that they aren't trying to compete with the iPad and just trying to set a good example for OEMs, say that they are trying to compete with the iPad. I think this is an excellent iPad alternative. It is so much different it could actually be great. By learning how to make this product great with excellent builds of Windows 8 that do not eat battery life, Windows Live products (email, cloud syncing) that work flawlessly, and - dare I say it - an easy to use App Store they could be well on their way to being a major part of this post-PC era rather than a relic of the PC era.

Side note: The intro video is pretty good. Unlike other ads from Microsoft it focuses on exactly what it should - the device. I do wish they turned the device on earlier than the last few seconds and showed a little interaction. Remember the first iPhone and iPadcommercialsshowed, in detail, how people used their fingers to work the device. This is a whole new device forMicrosoftand the ads could educate people how they'll be used.