Buzz Andersen on having final cut and doing something new

Buzz Andersen is starting something new again and writes down his thoughts on why:

If I had to identify a theme in my career thus far, it would probably be that I’m on a lifelong search for ways to build things I am passionate about, in ways I can be proud of, with people I respect and am respected by, without sacrificing my integrity.

And this, on having the final cut:

But after several years as an employee, building other people’s products their way, I feel it’s high time to do my own thing—and have final cut—once again.

Having the final say of what is in, what is out, and how things are done is incredibly stressful and is a huge responsibility. But some people just can't live with themselves having it any other way. Not when they think they know what could be great. They can't just sit there and watch something mediocre take place. Others, would hate that responsibility or couldn't be bothered by the stress and would much rather just do what is expected of them. Not that they do bad work or don't put in effort - they'd just rather not have their butt on the line should something not turn out. They don't like the risk.