Pizza Delicious and Facebook Ads

This is going back to mid-May but I’ve wanted to chime in on this NPR article about Pizza Delicious in New Orleans and their attempt to use Facebook Ads to drum up some more business.

The campaign cost them $240 — almost $1 for each new Facebook fan they got from the campaign.

“Is that feeling of exhilaration worth $240?” Michael said. “I don’t know — hopefully that translates into new business.”

It didn’t.

After a long night of asking every single customer where he found out about Pizza Delicious, not one said it was through Facebook.

The problem wasn’t with Facebook Ads, the problem was they did it wrong. The ad pointed to their Facebook Page. And they doubled their fans. That is a success. If Pizza Delicious wanted to sell more pizza to people in New Orleans looking for New York style pizza the ad should have forwarded them to a Facebook application that would allow them to order a pizza delivered to their door.

It would have cost them more than $240 but the result could have been very different.Pizza Delicious got exactly what they paid for. If they wanted to sell pizza they should have sold pizza.