TechCrunch isn't about tech

An excellent point by Alex Payne on something that always bothered him about TechCrunch:

For a publication with “tech” in the name, technology only ever seemed ambiently present in TechCrunch’s reporting. Software and hardware are background music for the site’s real interests: money and power, success and failure, who’s up and who’s down. TechCrunch often read to me like the parts of the Business section I used to skip as a kid, the boring ones with “merger” or “acquisition” in the headline and a picture of two suits shaking hands.

Although I'm subscribed to TechCrunch because I like to watch where the money is going I never really thought about it the way Payne puts it. He's right. TechCrunch is in no way about the technology - it is about the business and financials. BizCrunch doesn't roll off the tongue quite so well though.

If you're looking for writing about what is new in tech that actually focuses much more on the tech - I've been enjoying The Verge.