Mahdi Yusuf spends four weeks with DuckDuckGo

Mahdi Yusuf after spending four weeks using DuckDuckGo in place of Google for search:

This brings something very interesting to light, I have gotten really good at processing information returned from Google searches. I can quickly determine what is a useful result and what isn’t.

After using DuckDuckGo for one week I can concur with most of Yusuf's findings. I've gotten so wellacquaintedwith Google's search results, and various other products like Images search and Maps, that I find it hard to stick to DuckDuckGo for anything other than single result searches.

In other words, if I'm looking for a particular web page I can use DuckDuckGo to find it. It works. It is quick. And it is actually less distracting than Google's search results for the plain reason that Google now has more ads than search results per page. However, if I'm doing a lot of research on a particular topic I'm always in need of something a little more powerful than DuckDuckGo. I'll need images, calculations, and - more often than ever before - Maps. Google has all of that.

For any search engine to come in andusurpGoogle's strangle hold is going to be a really, really steep hill to climb. No matter how much I think it is time for it to happen.