Working smart and hard

Andrew Wilkinson for The Next Web about building Flow without venture capital:

At MetaLab, everyone is responsible for their own schedule. No bunk beds in the office or ramen-fueled overnight programming melees. We usually clock between four and six hours a day, and most of us don’t even get to the office before noon. We believe in working smart, not hard, and having lives outside the office. It might sound wimpy, but it’s working.

I agree with Wilkinson here however I'm more of a work hard and smart kinda fella.

I believe there is a mixture of working smart and hard from which great things can be accomplished. People are at their best when they are happy and usually happiness stems from loving what you're doing, being given the chance to do it well on tools you love to use in an environment you like being in, having a good life full of friends, family, some traveling, and a little bit of money. Combine all of that with a little sweat and you've got something.