A Geek's Journal 1976

Steven Thompson took his journal from 1976 and made it into a blog. It took off. He was offered a publishing deal. But he turned it down and decided to run a Kickstarter campaign instead.

I thought it would be a clever idea to do my 1976 high school journal as a blog but I never realized just how many people the world over could relate on so many levels to my general seventeen year old geekiness. The blog quickly became amazingly popular with coverage from major sites and write-ups from various different countries.

So, why is his campaign only at $127 of the $12,000 goal even after being featured on Boing Boing? My guess is because the rewards for pledging to the campaign aren't worded correctly. At first read it looks as though you have to pledge at least $250 in order to get a copy of the book.

I think if Steven rewords the rewards and makes it clear at which point you get a copy of the book his campaign will get some traction. Awesome idea.