Great things take time. Details are everything.

My friend Abby wishes people would slow down and take the time needed to explain things.

Details have such little value to many people. No one wants to hear the whole story, they just want you to get right to the point. […]In my mind it would be helpful to explain how I arrived at a certain problem…but all that they want to hear is the ending.

Sometimes the entire story is in the details. Context is everything. The fact that more and more people are getting used to getting entire stories from headlines, sound bites, and tweets means that people’s knowledge may very well be missing the most important parts. The details.

Abby continues:

Don’t get me wrong…I’m not sitting here disgruntled with all humans. It’s just my observation. Someone out there will listen to the details.

Sadly this is a number that is shrinking rather than growing and I’m unsure if the trend is possible to counteract. More and more people would rather understand complex concepts by being told or learn how to cook recipes in less and less time. Great things take time. If you’re one of the few that appreciate that and you see yourself slipping into this trend, slow down, relax, and look at the details.

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