Responses to tweets about Instagram

Warning: The following may contain some strong language. I've tried to clean up the tweets a bit though.

Last night, after a whirlwind trip to New York City on business and just before crashing like a rocket into bed, I pulled up Tweetbot to see what was going on the in world. It turns out Instagram for Android came out and some people were going a little crazy.

I thought some of the tweets were pretty funny so I thought I'd respond to them here. Here are my responses in no particular order.

Fair enough. I'm so glad people that have Android devices can now use Instagram.

Yes, Victoria, the most important parts about Instagram are photos of yourself and hashtags. You've got it all figured out.

You know, back in 2007 when I bought the first iPhone I thought to myself: "Why am I buying this phone? It doesn't have Temple Run or Instagram on it."

The next logical step for Instagram is to work on house phones, yes. I realize Rodney was being sarcastic. And I appreciate his snarkiness. Good on ya Rodney.

Oh Ashlee, you make this too easy. So, Apple's cameras suck but your Android device takes a photo so small that Instagram can not use it? Got it.

Yung is onto something here. Girls, be sure to use Instagram's bokeh effect tool to "cover up all dem bumps on ya face".

As she tweets about things we don't care about on a social network that tells us things we don't care about.


Hey Mollie, meet Timmy, and THE BIG YELLOW ONES THE SUN!

Something being less exclusive is like something being more unique. But you knew that right?

The best part about "Savage"'s tweet is that he somehow managed to type this on a computer on the web. The shift and apostrophe keys are notoriously hard to find on computer keyboards.

Exactly the same as Facebook. Zuckerberg is probably furious.

Twitter was definitely built specifically for the purpose of sharing photos, yes. Actually, Chet, while I'm responding to you, you may want to check out my post Instagram is a network, not a camera.

I love hashtags.

Straight thuggin.

I agree Patty. It went from like 25,000,0000 people using it to like 30,000,000 people using it. Totally not cool anymore.

Wow. "Useless Android users" Carolyna? You sent this tweet using an iPhone. An iPhone has spell check. And you chose to type in "Remainder " instead of remember and you called a Blackberry a "black burry". Maybe you need an Android-powered phone?

Wisdom indeed.

You called it Asierra. Instagram is dead in the water.