Loren Brichter on The Verge

Speaking of Loren Brichter and The Verge – Loren was recently interviewed for their 5 Minutes on The Verge series. In response to what phone he uses?

A boring old machined-steel-fits-in-my-hand-scrolls-at-60-fps-with-proper-physics-glorious-retina-none-of-this-crap-pentile-display black iPhone 4S.

And then this on whether or not to build an app.

Anyway, I say make an app if it’s better as an app. If you’re not sure, then don’t bother. The folks working on WebKit are more talented than the average app developer. Just embrace the constraints of web technology — don’t make your site act like an app. Or chop down a tree with a herring. You’d think that was obvious.

He’s a quotable dude.