Nilai: Introducing Smart Labels

This week I’ve added a new feature to Nilai called Smart Labels. Nilai currently offers seven labels that can be used to categorize a bookmark: Read Later, Video, Recipe, Shopping, Inspiration, Documentation, and Research. Each time a new bookmark is added the member can simply choose a label and they’re done.

Starting today Nilai will begin automatically labeling bookmarks based on their URL. Some sites are dedicated to a certain type of content such as YouTube, Viddler, SimplyRecipes, Amazon, and others. If a bookmark is being saved from YouTube chances are you’ll want to label that bookmark a video. So why force people to choose the video label every time? Nilai will now do that for them. Saving clicks and time.

The current list of sites that Smart Labels will handle out-of-the-box are (video), (video), (video), (documentation), (documentation), (documentation), (documentation), (documentation), (documentation), (documentation), (recipe), AllRecipes (recipe), Svpply (shopping), Amazon (shopping), Fab (shopping), Zappos (shopping). And I plan to add more in the near future.

Smart Labels are also smart enough to know when you may be bookmarking a page on one of these sites that don’t fit the label. For example, if you were to bookmark Devour’s About page, Nilai will not think it is a video.

Smart Labels can be overridden. If you’d rather label bookmarks from as research rather than documentation you may do so. In fact, every member can set up their own Smart Labels for any URLs of their choosing. (see screenshot) Simply bookmark a link, select a label, and click Add a Smart Label. All future marks from that domain will be labeled automatically. Saving you clicks and time and making Nilai’s Smart Labels feature even more useful to you.

Here are a few Smart Labels I’ve already set up for myself: Daring Fireball (Read Later), Viddler’s Developer docs (Documentation), Tweets (Read Later), Dribbble (Inspiration), and Uncrate (Shopping). This makes my life a lot easier. You may want to do the same, or, you may want to set them up completely different. Your choice.

I’m looking forward to seeing how Smart Labels evolve as Nilai’s members use them.

Smart Labels are not the only updates to Nilai that were released this week. Members can check out the changelog for the slew of updates that I’ve managed to get finished.

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