Everyone should own an Apple TV

Shawn Blanc during his review of the iPad event:

For $99 I think anyone with a Mac and a television should own an Apple TV.

I’ll go one step further. I think anyone with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod should own an Apple TV. Nay, two steps further. Anyone with a TV should own an Apple TV.

This summer the Mac will be able to use AirPlay much more effectively and even allow full screen mirroring on the TV. Until then iOS devices have been much better supported by Apple TV than the Mac has been. Really, it is about time that the Mac joined the party.

But even if you don’t use AirPlay (which I do almost every single day) the Apple TV has easily the best Netflix experience of any Netflix-enabled device. Eliza and I rent movies via iTunes all the time. We stream videos to the TV. Look at vacation photos and videos. Etc. Etc. The reasons are piling up with every single software and hardware update.

In short, the Apple TV is now at a point where I’d consider it a must-have.

/via Nilai.