Apple updates iBooks, releases iBooks Author and iTunes U app

While the phrase "Apple has changed the education landscape" may be a little premature I certainly believe that today it has provided the world with the tools and devices to do exactly that.

Today Apple updated iBooks to version 2 which can now display much more interactive books than it did previously. While iBooks has been a terrific reading experience (I use it as my primary way to read books and PDFs) this new version can display textbooks created by Apple's latest Mac app - iBooks Author.

iBooks Author, which is somehow completely free, is a Mac app that makes it simple to build interactive textbooks for iPad and iBooks 2. Not only does it work a lot like Pages for laying out a page of text, images and other elements, it also includes other interactive features like quizes, slideshows, videos, and more. It even makes it simple to add a glossary to a book. I imagine that iBooks Author has just become the worlds best book publishing application.

The iTunes U application gives teachers and students a way to interact together as well as with the iTunes U content available on the App Store. I don't have much of an opinion about this application yet but it looks like a useful tool and it is also being offered for free.

These are amazing tools. Now lets see what the world chooses to do with them.