The definition of Incubator

This edition of real words doesn't really come from me but rather from Wayne Bartz who manages the Ben Franklin TechVentures incubator in Bethlehem, PA where Viddler was annexed for the first five or so years.

He seems a bit miffed at people mistaking an incubator for an accelerator.

The best argument I could use was that real incubators invest  in people and businesses that will build long term value while the accelerators invested in short term financial opportunities.  Real incubators also don’t have the luxury on focusing only on things described as “mobile/social/sales…whatever”.  We focus on sustainable companies in life sciences, electronics, advanced materials and more.  These companies require a more sustained effort and can’t be built in 3 months.

I love this part he said earlier (which is the whole reason I started real words)."I’m formally registering a complaint to the people in charge of word usage". Me too Wayne, me too.