Eric Schmidt as CEO of Microsoft? No. How about Rubinstein?

Robert X. Cringely predicts that Eric Schmidt could be Microsoft’s next CEO replacing Steve Ballmer. I’m not saying it wouldn’t or couldn’t happen but I will say it would be an even worse move than when the Board decided Ballmer was a good choice to replace Bill Gates.

At the end of his piece he says "Who would you pick?" This may sound like a really, really odd choice but I’d choose Jon Rubinstein to lead Microsoft. He may have not done a great job with running Palm as a business but I think he’d bring a level of taste to Microsoft that has simply never been there at C-level.

Microsoft knows how to run a business. They’ve got that down. What they need is a clear direction to build amazing products instead of just announcing them. So bring on someone who demands good taste. Rubinstein fits that.

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