Please leave your name after the post. Beep.

I run into this problem every single day. Every. Single. Day. Brent Simmons simply reminded me that I need to yell a little more about it. He asks:

"Take a look at your weblog. How easy is it to find your name?"

You'd be very surprised how hard it is to find someone's name in order to give proper attribution. And, unlike Brent, I think it is totally on purpose in some cases.

While curating The Watercolor Gallery I've seen countless Flickr and Tumblr accounts that simply do not list the name of the artist or their location -- two bits of information I prefer to include when featuring a painting. Some would argue that these artists prefer the anonymity. Let me be clear; an anonymous artist is likely a poor one. (read: not selling a lot of art)

Some branding experts would want you to paste your name all over your work -- even going so far as placing a watermark on any images that might be credited to you. I think that is unreasonable and more than likely not worth the trouble. Post your work on whatever service you so choose, just make sure to fill in your profile information to include your name, where you live (there are a lot of John Smiths on this planet) and perhaps a way to contact you (an email will suffice). This way people have no excuse if they don't give you proper credit.

Please leave your name after the post. Beep.