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WordPress 3.1 exhibited an underlying feature that didn’t reveal itself in the UI in much of any way. Post formats. Post formats are sort of like categories of posts but are used to "handle" different post types in different ways. You can [read more about Post formats over on the WordPress Codex](http://codex.wordpress.org/Post\_Formats).

[Crowd Favorite](http://crowdfavorite.com/) has [released an open source WordPress plugin](https://github.com/crowdfavorite/wp-post-formats) * that changes the Admin UI and sets up standards for a few different post formats. Here, their description is better:

>"The plugin is a completely additive solution that leverages the default WordPress functionality, while improving the UI and standardizing the names and presentation of custom fields that support the various post formats."

Post formats has limitless possibilities as you extend WordPress from a simple blogging tool to a much more powerful CMS… but this plugin seems to focus on the modern day blogger.

This interests me in that I use categories to handle my different post formats. Which is how everyone that has ever used WordPress had to do it. I’ve got mobile photos, links, videos, and longer posts I call notes, and larger photos. It would be great to start using post formats to post different types of formats – I’m looking forward to digging into this.

* Side note: So glad Crowd Favorite switched to Github. I hope other WordPress developers quickly follow suit. In fact, I think WordPress.org should change the way they host WordPress plugins to git.

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