I’m happy with iPhone 4S, iOS 5, iCloud

I don’t get it. During Apple’s press event, no matter which live blog I was following, the writers were constantly "yawning" whenever the event would – in their opinion – "drag on". Apple has just given launch dates for some of the most sophisticated, affordable, and approachable technology the world has ever seen and they are yawning? Yes, they previewed some of these things at WWDC this year. But that was a developer conference. This was a press event. An event to say, to the world, this stuff is ready now. No other company is creating gadgets, software, or services as tightly knit and well made as Apple. And they think this presentation was "dragging on"?

To top it off Apple’s stock price dipped during the event and the tech press has since been rather harsh to Apple for "not releasing an iPhone 5". The iPhone 4S is the iPhone 5 people. It is as big an update to a piece of hardware as anyone could want. Two-times faster CPU, 7x graphics, an amazing update to the camera, and an antenna that works around the world? What else, besides pure aesthetics, would have been updated on an iPhone 5? Only the name.

The insatiable tech press isn’t the best place to get a balanced view of how great these products, and products from Amazon, Google, Viddler, Twitter, BuzzCar etc. etc., really are. Many of these writers hear about the products too early and by the time they are actually given a launch date they are already bored with the news. Unfortunately the tech press is the only outlet educating both the got-to-have-it enthusiast and our mom’s. Not good.

I sometimes find myself guilty of this and I sometimes have to snap myself out of it. When I want to I either read this or watch this.