How did I do on my guesses for iPhone 5?

Well, since the new iPhone is called the iPhone 4S and not iPhone 5 I guess we'll just have to wait and see how [my guesses]( stand up. But, I won't let myself off that easy. Lets see how I did.

- **The camera lens will be on the opposite side of the Apple logo.** Wrong. According to any photos I've seen of the iPhone 4S the camera is in the exact same location as before. (Those of you with iPhone 4 cases that you like are probably very happy about this.)

- **The antenna will no longer be built into the case.** Wrong. Again, this isn't the iPhone 5 so the antenna remains relatively unchanged. However, they have somehow managed to make the antenna work for the entire planet inside one phone as well as ad some dynamic switching between technologies. So, at least it is a better antenna?

- **The phone will be lighter and have no glass back.** Wrong. Wrong.

- **The speaker phone will be better.** Maybe? Although there was no mention of this in today's presentation the iPhone 4S now allows for [a user-configurable maximum volume limit](\_US).

- **The build of the home button will be better.** Assuming wrong. Apple could have made slight adjustments on the underpinnings of the iPhone 4S' home button but it may take an iFixit type breakdown to know for sure.

- **Every iPhone 5 will support most of the world's carriers.** Right!

- **The camera will be better quality both in megapixels and focal length.** Right! 8MP and f/2.4. The [photos look amazing too](\_0032.JPG).

- **Again, the mic will be better, but I think it will be to handle voice commands.** Sort of right? Apple is unleashing Siri on all of us - a personal assistant that does whatever you ask it to via voice commands. But whether or not the mic is actually better may take more time to figure out.

So, no iPhone 5 but I think it is very fair to say that the iPhone 4S is an incredible update to an already amazing "phone".