How to: Stop a re-usable Keurig coffee filter basket from overflowing all over your kitchen counter

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Eliza and I have been using a Keurig for a little while but we recently picked up a re-usable coffee filter so that we can use our own ground coffee rather than the K-cups. With it we’d have the best of both worlds… be able to brew one cup of coffee at-a-time while being able to use freshly burr ground beans.

The only problem was that this re-usable coffee filter basket was overflowing all over the place. After doing some research online it turns out many people are having this very same issue and returning the baskets. Well, Keurig should really direct these people towards a comment by J. C. Wallace on a review on Amazon. His solution works and is incredibly easy to do. Here it is, verbatim from his comment:

The overflow has nothing to do with the grind, it is caused by the rubber gasket on the needle. Open up the lid and remove the filter basket, then look at the needle that delivers the water to the basket. You will see a black rubber gasket near the needle tip. Carefully grab the gasket on both sides and lower it until it is almost to the bottom of the needle (do not remove it completely, it is difficult to put back on). Load up the basket with coffee of any grind size and make a cup. With the gasket repositioned, the needle will seat tightly in the hole at the top of the filter basket and you will have no more leaks. Good luck.

There is a very small rubber gasket (or rubber thingy around the needle if you prefer) that simply needs to move down a few centimeters so that it seals the top of the re-usable coffee filter basket. I got it first try. And now I’m a happy camper.

Thanks J. C. Wallace.