Google Wallet

It is about time. Paying for things using a phone has been a dream of mine for some time. I’m a debit card type of guy not a cash carrying type of guy. Being able to ditch my wallet altogether and use my phone to pay for something would make things even easier.

[Google Wallet]( is the first real step in the right direction. [Square’s]( CardCase application is very nice but it is very, very limited and is contingent upon the store, cab, etc. knowing about Square and being compatible. Google Wallet is built on top of the already existing credit card, pay pass, infrastructure. Wherever MasterCard’s pay pass works Google Wallet will work. I’d imagine more card companies will follow suit soon and Google Wallet will improve.

This won’t make me jump the fence to Droid but I can only imagine it will be a matter of a year or two until Apple has a similar solution (perhaps even made possible via a Google Wallet iOS app) with the iPhone.