I use core iPad apps

Marco Arment [writing about core tablet apps](http://www.marco.org/2011/08/29/what-does-the-amazon-tablet-need-to-do):

> "I see normal people using iPads all the time, and I hardly ever see them using Safari, Calendar, Maps, or Music."

Maybe I'm not what many would consider "normal" but I use the core iPad apps all the time. In fact, I spend most of my time using the core apps. In my post [The iPad apps that I use most](http://cdevroe.com/notes/ipad-apps/) I failed to mention that the applications I listed were, in fact, in addition to the core apps. (I've since updated that post with an addendum.)

I can't imagine someone using an iPad without using Safari. Though Marco lists Safari as an application he _doesn't see_ people using often he then says that one of the main apps they _do use_ is a web browser. I'm not sure if that was by accident or he actually means a different browser than Safari.

In any case, I use these applications every time I use my iPad and I would think that for Amazon to jump into the tablet market and compete with the iPad (if that is indeed what they're going to do) they'd definitely need to design some very good core applications. At least for this tablet user to consider giving one a try.