How to: Put a Mac running OS X Lion to sleep

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As I outlined in [_Recent software problems_](

>”Since upgrading to Lion my Mac isn’t going to sleep. It is frustrating as I’m the type of person that never, ever shut my Mac down. Instead I usually would just close the lid and be on my way. But, now, when I come back to my Mac the fans are spinning and in some cases the battery is drained. I’m hoping that a forthcoming update to Lion will fix this otherwise I may have to take drastic measures.”

This problem continues. However, I ran across [this solution]( via a few Google searches.

1. Unplug your Macbook Pro.

2. Put the Mac to sleep (Apple Menu -> Sleep or close the lid)

3. Once asleep, plug your MacBook Pro back in.

I’ve confirmed that this works. I’m still looking forward to a Lion update that addresses these and my other issues.