Geofences by Flickr

Happily, Flickr is back at doing a little innovating in the photo space.

>"Geofences are special locations that deserve their own geo privacy settings. Simply draw a circle on a map, choose a geo privacy setting for that area, and you’re done. Existing photos in that location are updated with your new setting, and any time you geotag a photo in that area, it gets that setting too."

![Geofences by Flickr](\_bbae35ac35\_o.jpg)

Merlin Mann [quipped on Twitter](!/hotdogsladies/status/108613619989757952):

>"Flickr's Geofences sound clever—but a little like writing "Definitely Not Where Money Is Hidden" on the one drawer you've locked."

He's right. Flickr will likely not make a dime with this feature alone. But getting back to its innovative roots is exactly what Flickr needs to do. And if it takes them being uprooted from their offices and working at a co-worker's dinner table in order for that to happen, I say that Flickr Management should set fire to their offices immediately. They need to be doing stuff like this more regularly and letting people know about it exactly as they've done with this feature.

/via [Code: Flickr Developer Blog](