Quality is contagious

Kyle Neath on [_Relentless Quality_](http://warpspire.com/posts/relentless-quality/):

> "Broken windows are the reason most large software projects suck to work on. A little technical debt here, a few shortcuts there, and pretty soon you’ve got a codebase so full of broken windows that no one even cares if they throw another pile of broken glass on the heap.

> But just as broken windows are contagious, so is a dedication to quality. Carve out a little piece of a messy codebase and clean it up. Sharpen the edges, polish the surface and make it shine."

This bubbles all the way up to the top of the product too. The code of a not-so-great feature can be gorgeous but it is still a feature that isn't quite right. Focusing on the quality of the product from the engineering to the coding to the marketing is also contagious.