Recent software problems

I've been having some software problems lately and I thought it would be interesting to jot down what they are. Or, maybe just cathartic. Fun for me more than for you, dear reader, but alas this is my blog and I can cry if I want to, cry if I want to, you would cry too if these were happening to you.

First, the problems I'm having on my Mac. Since upgrading to Lion my Mac isn't going to sleep. It is frustrating as I'm the type of person that never, ever shut my Mac down. Instead I usually would just close the lid and be on my way. But, now, when I come back to my Mac the fans are spinning and in some cases the battery is drained. I'm hoping that a forthcoming update to Lion will fix this otherwise I may have to take drastic measures.

Also Lion related, I believe, is is a bit crash happy. I'll be scrawling a note to someone and poof - instacrash with no warning. And although Lion touts itself as the resumable OS and I am usually able to pick up just about where I left off this is still frustrating.

To top it off my Mac is running fairly hot. I don't believe my fans turned on more than once a day on Snow Leopard but on Lion they don't seem to shut off and there aren't any processes that seem to demand it. Again, I'm hoping that a update to Lion will cure some of these things.

Next up, my iPad. Twitter for Mac is one crash happy application. I think it has a lot to do with the way it tries to handle the various types of media that people are tweeting. I'll do a search for baking (yes, I do searches for baking) on Twitter and within one or two tweets - crash. Unlike Lion on the Mac I can not resume where I was. I have to start over. I appreciate that the team at Twitter wants us to have a unified experience for how media is displayed but it is killing the reliability if the app.

One more gripe about Twitter for iPad. I separate the accounts that I follow into Lists. So, while I only follow about 60 accounts I'm actually keeping up with hundreds using Twitter's Lists. It's great. Except that on the iPad app I'm very limited in the number of tweets I can load. On Tweetbot for iPhone (which is arguably the best twitter client ever built) I can go back much further in the timeline. The problem I have is that some of my Lists are rather bloated - like my Software list. I follow many accounts that relate to software that I use this way I can keep up-to-date. But I have hundreds of accounts in that list. Which would be fine if the iPad didn't limit the number of tweets I can pull up. Give me infinite scroll!!

The App Store on the iPad is dated and I hope that Apple works very hard on making this experience much better. Back in the days of the App Store having hundreds of applications it worked well. Now with hundreds of thousands of apps it doesn't hold up. For instance, last night I was searching for travel planning applications. For our trip to Ireland I would like to store a list of possible locations to visit based on their location. So, if I'm going to be in Killarney and I want to pull up an already curated list of places we'd like to visit I'd think there would be a good application for that. Hint: there isn't. Back to why the App Store doesn't work - I kept having to start my search over at the beginning. Doing a text search turned up very little so I decided to go into the Travel Category. I ordered it by highest customer rating first and then paged through 174 pages of applications. The problem is that when you view an app and then click the back button your back to page 1 without your filters stored. It's horrible and I ended giving up after only two or three tries.

So, yeah, Apple and Twitter have some work to do - for me. I feel better, thanks.