An iPod Nano watch was never a good idea

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But it sure did look cool.

I was bent on getting the Tik-tok and iPod Nano to use as a watch since the very first day I came across the Kickstarter project. I didn’t care if it would make sense as a watch – I thought it looked awesome.

So, I did it. I backed the Kickstarter project and picked up an iPod Nano via Quibids (actually, my wife Eliza handled this bit) and within a few months I had my very own iPod Nano watch.

And for a while it worked great. The complaints I had seen online about having to wait a moment to see the clock face, it being a little bulky, etc – never bothered me. I got at least one compliment per day on my watch and I really enjoyed using the clock, the radio, pedometer, and iPod features.

There is only one problem with the iPod Nano watch – it is fragile. iPod Nanos are built well but the entire face is glass. You’d have to expect, even as a guy with a desk-job such as myself, that somewhere along the line you’re going to hit the watch off of a few things. Over the few months that I had the watch I had a few scares where I had hit the watch against something and I thought for sure I’d shattered it. But it held up.

Until Tuesday.

Until Tuesday I hadn’t had a single scratch on the iPod Nano. Tuesday was a very busy day for me and after I got back home from work I was a little frazzled and doing things a little too quickly. I was making simple mistakes doing some of the most mundane tasks because my mind was shorting out a little. One thing I did was I had forgot my phone in the car and when I went to get it I hit my wrist on the railing of my front porch. The iPod Nano ejected from the Tik-tok and launched across the driveway. By the time I had picked it up it looked like this…

I’d like to think that I can continue to use it but I do not think that I will. And, since the price of getting another iPod Nano is about as much to find a decent, sturdy watch that is what I’ll more than likely do. My next watch will be one that I can take with me on vacation, underwater, in the rain, and – won’t have a face that can be ejected onto pavement and shatter.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to email them to me.