Packing fish using Ziploc’s vacuum bags

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The hardest part about my yearly trek to Massachusetts to catch 50 pounds of cod fish is usually the packing of the fish for storage in the freezer. Even though Eliza and I have a very good Foodsaver sealer I always dread the amount of tedious work it takes to properly pack away our fish for the year. But not anymore, thanks to Ziploc’s vacuum bags.

No, I’m not getting paid for saying that. Yes, I wish that I was.

[Ziplock’s vacuum bags and pump]( Kit) is really the easiest and quickest I’ve ever been able to pack fish for freezing. What took me 4 or 5 hours last year using the Foodsaver only took me 2 hours this year! I highly recommend these products if you store stuff in the freezer and dread taking the time it usually takes to do it right.

Here are some photos from the process.