The lesser known, consistent, keyboard shortcuts for Alfred's iTunes Miniplayer

I use the iTunes Miniplayer in Alfred (of which I have a Powerpack license and highly recommend that you do too) pretty extensively. One gripe that I had with the Miniplayer was that the keyboard shortcuts were not consistent as you used it.

This is what would happen. I'd envoke the Miniplayer by first envoking Alfred's global keyboard shortcut, typing iTunes, and selecting the Miniplayer. Then, I'd choose one of the menu items it shows - here is an example screenshot.

This wasn't good because the menu changes as you choose items from the list. Notice the keyboard shortcuts to play random albums or switch into Playlists, etc using CMD 2, CMD 3 and so on. The problem is that these menu items change as your context changes inside of the Miniplayer. In other words, CMD 4 would not always fire the same action. This got pretty annoying so I fired off a tweet to @alfredapp on Twitter.

And, wouldn't you know, they responded, there is a better way! Alfred has a whole host of keyboard shortcuts that remain consistent regardless of what you're looking at within the application. If you look at the list, scroll down to the iTunes Miniplayer section, you'll see that you can use CMD CNTRL (arrow keys) to do many of the tasks that I do each and every day, and, they will always be the same no matter what.

Fantastic! Thanks Alfred. (I've always wanted to say that)